Production quality

Quality has always been a hallmark and obligation for TISCA TIARA. As early as 1940, Anton Tischhauser, the founder of TISCA TIARA, introduced his own quality label. This was based on the family emblem of the Tischhausers. It is therefore apparent that the family has stood for the quality of its products with its own name right from the founding of the company. And nothing has changed since. TISCA TIARA is 100% family-owned and owner-managed. Continuity, reliability and honesty are just as important values as quality. These values are not a short-lived label, not an empty promise and not a licence-based fa├žade. They are values that have endured for 75 years at TISCA TIARA and that will be amongst the cornerstones of the company tomorrow and the day after that. For the safety of our customers.